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               History of Tarakota Golden Retrievers

In December 1997 we obtained our first Golden Retriever (Nikita) from Crowlee Kennels and my wife and I have never looked back. We joined the local dog obedience club and then over the next two years trained Nikita right from puppy school through to obtaining her Advanced Certificate in Obedience. We obtained Kotie our second Golden Retriever in February 2000 from Dorehytes Golden Retrievers. Kotie received his Advanced Certificate in Obedience and had a huge love for Agility. Tara our third Golden Retriever arrived in August 2000 and has been an absolute joy to my parents. We obtained her from Waltaview Golden Retrievers. Ebby joined our golden family in August 2005. She was bred by us and  she has obtained her Level 1 and 2 certificates in obedience at Croydon Dog Club. Sandy resides with a member of our family in Merino and is a frequent visitor to an aged care facility where she has been known to receive lots of 'gifts' under the table. The newest addition to our family is Crystal born in March 2010. She represents the fourth generation of our breeding line.


Nikita, Kotie, Tara, Ebby, Sandy and now Crystal have been fantastic dogs for all of our family. Kalani our daughter arrived in January 1999. Jayden our oldest son arrived in January 2001 and Kelby our youngest son arrived in February 2004. Our Golden Retrievers have been outstanding with our children and their only crime has been to inflict tears because of a misplaced wagging tail. Because of our positive experiences we have two main reasons for breeding at Tarakota Golden Retrievers. The first is that we genuinely want to promote the Golden Retriever as a fantastic family pet and companion. Our second reason is that we want to improve the breed standard. This means our dogs can only be used for breeding if they have clear eye certificates, very good hip scores, a sound temperament and a proven heritage in obedience or conformation.


Our pups are raised in the family home. We have a large laundry that contains a huge whelping box and the ducted heating unit keeps the room warm. Our main entrance area is transformed into a secure play area where the pups have plenty of room to play and socialise. The pups are weaned from their mother at around 3 to 4 weeks of age and they are exposed to other adults, our children and household noises right from the time they are born. Our pups are available to go to a quality home when they are eight weeks old.


It is our goal to provide pups that come from a quality heritage to prospective buyers who in our opinion will provide very good homes for each of our pups. We next hope to have a litter at the end of 2010.

                               We are hoping to have our next litter with Chilli (Tarakota Calm the Storm).


For more details we can be contacted at pitofgold@yahoo.com.au. We currently live in Doreen which is in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.    



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